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Canteen and Dining Areas

Recharge and refuel

Our office canteen areas are no longer just a place to eat pack lunches. These areas have evolved into a space that can be used for so much more than a breakout area.

Combined with a relaxing environment for staff to recharge and refuel, canteen and dining areas can be far more versatile. From being a hub for all social activity to impromptu meetings. Strategically designing these areas are important for the wellbeing of staff for a healthy work-life balance.

We supply a diverse range of furniture for canteen and dining areas:

  • Round Tables
  • Square Tables
  • Folding Tables
  • Bench Tables and Seating
  • Hi Benches
  • Tables on Wheels
  • Stacking Chairs
  • Dining Chairs
  • Hi Stools
  • Bench Seating
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