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With the end of the latest national lockdown in sight some businesses are preparing to welcome their workforce back into the office.

Covid Office Screens

During these difficult times, employers have a responsibility to protect people in the workplace and ensure their workspaces are COVID secure. The UK Government website provides guidance on Coronavirus (COVID 19): Working Safely, with pages of information relating to changes related to workplace safety during the coronavirus pandemic as the restrictions are eased.

At present, workplace controls include social distancing, frequent cleaning, adequate ventilation, and good hand hygiene. Carrying out a COVID-19 risk assessment will help you identify and manage risks and to prepare your workforce, working practices, and your workplace to protect people.

Measures that could arise from a risk assessment may include staggering shifts or asking an employee who has been identified as more at risk to work from home, however, the implementation of some safety measures are solutions that involve sourcing resources such as high-quality PPE or personal awareness clothing, signage to help with the implementation of one-way systems and social distancing, desk screens, hand gel stations, improved handwashing facilities and products to enable employees to clean and sanitise workstations, screen, phones, and keyboards.

Hand Sanitising Facilities
Hand Gel Stations placed at the entry to all buildings or workspaces will encourage people to sanitize their hands and help prevent germs from entering the workplace. If you have a reception area, this is also a good place to set up a hand hygiene station as well as locating extra hand sanitiser points in key places throughout your workplace. These hand gel stations are in addition to handwashing facilities which also may need to be reviewed and improved. NCL Office has a range of hand hygiene products available including hand wash, hand sanitiser, or alcohol hand spray. Hand wash and hand santising gels and spray are available to purchase in varying sizes and with discounts for bulk purchases. We also provide the option of purchasing alcohol hand gel or hand wash refill packs.

As well as the hand hygiene product itself we also supply the hardware necessary to display and administer them such as hand santiser dispensers and various types of stands and counters to enable you to locate them almost anywhere in your office. Options for making your hand gel accessible to employees, visitors, and customers include floor stands with hand gel dispensers, free standing hand sanitiser stations, wall-mounted hand sanitising dispensers, table-mounted alcohol hand gel dispensers. The dispensers themselves also have multiple options including sensor-operated hand santisers, hand-activated dispenser units, alcohol spray dispensers, foot-operated hand santiser dispensers, automatic hand gel dispensers. All hand sanitiser stands and dispensers are easy to assemble and we also supply hand hygiene signage.

Handwashing Products for Workplaces
In addition to providing hand gel stations in the workplace, you may also need to upgrade your handwashing facilities at work. NCL Office can help provide advice and high-quality affordable hand hygiene products to help you implement improved facilities for handwashing for your employees. If possible you should provide handwashing facilities at entry and exit points so people can wash their hands when they arrive at work and when they leave however, if this is not possible a hand gel station should be put in place. Handwashing facilities should include hot running water, soap, paper towels, and waste bins or hand dryers. Our workplace handwashing products include centrefeed dispensers and rolls, hand towel dispensers, and hand soap dispensers for liquid soap. We can also advise on the purchase and installation of automatic hand dryers.

Workplace Hygiene Products
Our workplace hygiene products extend beyond hand hygiene to include toilet rolls, jumbo toilet roll dispensers, and jumbo toilet rolls, highly absorbent blue roll, disinfectant wipes, hard surface cleaner, cleaning signs and floor stands, vacuums, vacuum bags, carpet cleaners, mops, floor cleaners and mobile cleaning caddies.

Our range of cleaning products includes products specifically designed to assist and encourage your staff to clean and sanitise, desks, chairs, screens, keyboard and mouse, and phones. Contact us to discuss the range of products available for cleaning high-touch areas in your workplace.
Covid Secure Workspaces
COVID Secure Workplace Signs
Workplace Signage is key to directing employees, visitors, and customers. Our COVID Secure Workplace Signs are clear, easy to install, and are designed to be displayed around your workplace premises. Signs can be particularly useful where you have set up a one-way system or advise a maximum number of people in a particular room, space, or meeting area. There is also social distancing signage available to reinforce social distancing rules and encourage handwashing or use of hand sanitising products. Our range of safety signs is extensive and extends beyond the scope of Covid-19 to include all types of information signs for workplaces and public areas such as Fire Safety Signs, First Aid, Wet Floor Signs, etc. There are different formats available for signs which means it is possible to provide information using a sign in almost any workplace. Options include Self Adhesive Vinyl Signs, Rigid Plastic Signs, Posters, Banners, and many more. Please get in touch for help with COVID Workplace Safety Signs or General Workplace Safety Signage.

Covid Worksafe Information Literature
Information leaflets and flyers will help you to communicate rules relating to Workplace Safety and Covid-19. Leaflets and flyers can be branded or personalised. Please get in touch to discuss any stationery requirements you may have to help communicate guidance and rules for your business.

Personal Protective Equipment
NCL Office has access to a wide range of PPE products such as face masks and face coverings, disposable gloves, and other personal protective equipment. We can also help with the supply of personal awareness clothing which displays social distancing messages to remind people of the guidance.
Front Desk Covid Screens
Front Desk Covid Screens
Screens for the reception desk and front desks are vital for anyone who is dealing with the public. We are able to offer advice on a large range of perspex safety screens for counters, reception areas, indeed any environment where you have employees serving members of the public.  Call NCL Office today for advice on a range of protective counter screens.

Covid Protection Screens
Covid desk screens can also be used in an office where space is limited and where it’s not possible to space desks 2m apart. Protective screens or office partitions can be installed to create a barrier around each worker and with clear safety screens, your employees will still have good visibility and be able to communicate. Covid protective screens are available in many formats including desk mounted, free-standing, framed or frameless.  Screens can be configured to suit your workspace with bespoke sizes, safety screen widths, and various heights available.   Please contact us with your perspex screen requirements.

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