DSE Assessments

DSE Assessments

Are you sitting comfortably?

Our DSE Assessments are aimed at staff and people working in large offices and businesses but we can also help with individuals working from a home office environment.

We can tailor our DSE Assessments as a continuing service or as a one off assessment. Our DSE Assessments are available to customers and clients across the whole of the Birmingham and the Midlands area.

DSE assessment FAQs

Is DSE and Workplace assessment the same thing?
Yes, DSE & workplace assessments look at the display screen in use and the area around where the employee is positioned.
How often should DSE assessments be carried out?
Every time a new workplace/desk with screen is set up. In addition if an employee is diagnosed with a health problem that impacts on their day at work, a DSE assessment will need to be repeated to ensure they are safe, and if they can be made to be more comfortable.
How does the Assessment work?
Our assessors will visit the business location to assess the individual or numerous employees. The workstation will be assessed and a report will be written on the problems notified, and the solutions on how to improve the safety/comfort (if any) of the Employee(s).
How long does it take?
A DSE assessment can take up to 30 mins. Some may take longer if there are issues/health problems.

Workstation / Workplace Assessment?

Workstation assessments ensure your company complies with DSE regulations 1992 set by HSE, outlining legal requirements for organisations with employees using Display Screen Equipment, to ensure the health and safety or all employees. Poor working positions can cause health problems and absences. Workplace assessments look for the solutions to improve the safety of employees.

DSE Assessment can help with:

  • DSE (display screen equipment)
  • Workplace assessments
  • Workstation assessments
  • Desk assessments at work
  • Desk assesments at home
  • Back complaints
  • Musculoskeletal problems/complaints
  • Healthy working environments
  • Happy employees
  • Reducing absent days
  • Improving working efficiency of employees
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