In all areas of our lives, we should be looking at ways to help protect the environment, and at NCL this has been a priority for a number of years.

bullet Our office supplies and equipment
bullet Our office furniture is all manufactured (FSC etc)

We aim to:

bullet Minimise our consumption of resources
    and raw materials.
bullet Minimise emissions and reduce energy     consumption.
bullet Minimise waste from our activities and recycle
    where possible.
bullet Purchase from suppliers who share our concern
     for the environment and whenever possible,
     purchase and use recyclable products or
     products from sustainable sources.
bullet Exercise a positive influence within the industry
     through our awareness raising and behaviour
     changing activities.

We will do this by:

bullet Complying with wherever possible, exceeding all
     relevant environmental legislation.
bullet Implementing a system to monitor and measure
    our impact on the environment.
bullet Continuing to integrate environmental aims into
     the business planning process for ongoing
bullet Actively communicating with employees on our
    environmental programme and engaging them in
    achieving good environmental practice.
bullet Monitoring and reporting on our progress with
    periodic reviews.

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