Remote Working – Your responsibilities as an employer

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Business Employees across the world have started working from home this week as part a global effort to stem the spread of Coronavirus.

It has been suggested that this unprecedented health pandemic will change the way we work forever, with flexible and increasingly remote working becoming the new ‘norm.’

However, not everyone has an ‘office’ set up at home and as a result employers just like you could be left exposed.

Employees around the world have been getting creative and sharing their innovative home work stations online.

Whilst these novel work stations have provided great humour across social media, they represent a very real problem for employers when considering home based working.

Whether your employees are working from home or the office, your legal responsibility for their health, safety, and wellbeing remains the same.
Remote Working - Your responsibilities as an employer
As has been shared by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), standard office health and safety requirements apply to employees who work from home. Therefore, checking that your employees are equipped with suitable office furniture, including a supportive chair and desk, is just one of a number of considerations for you as an employer before making the decision to send your employees ‘remote.’

NCL Office has over 30 years experience creating workspaces that promote employee happiness, wellbeing and productivity for both office based and remote workforces.

We are here to help, with office chair and desk packages available immediately on short term lease or longer term purchase options.

For a free, no obligation quotation call the office on 0121-711-2111

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